Organizations today are constantly being tested by changes in markets, customers and systems almost on a daily basis. The challenge for leaders is to constantly adapt to see opportunities in such changes and discontinuities, rather than disruptions.

Life Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (LLSPL) is set to launch another edition of the Facilitator Development Program, 'Enablers of Leadership Transformation’, (ELTP) in April 2018 for such leaders / change agents who want to lead and deliver powerfully in such an environment.

ELTP is aimed at Change Agents, Senior Leaders in organizations, Trainers, Facilitators, Counselors and Coaches who would like to work on their transformation and also start working on mindsets with others.

One of the primary objectives of this experiential Leadership Program is to help the leaders create their inner world as a powerful instrument for developing the vital skills of self-awareness, empathy and mindfulness and to gain a clarity of purpose. They will also be encouraged to build their systemic capacity to view disruption and chaos as transformational and not dysfunctional.

This three month intensive experimental journey will help you:

• Experience a sustainable shift in your mindsets and behaviour patterns in personal and professional life.
• Discover how your body and somatic intelligence is a gateway to a life filled with new possibility, courage and creativity.
• Learn, practice and embody basics of ontological frameworks, neuroscience, mindfulness and leadership .
• Acquire foundational skills needed to lead some of these modules independently for others, as Facilitators/Coaches.
• Become part of a network of facilitators/ coaches that deeply care about creating a brighter future and fostering lifetime connections.